Thursday, 26 March 2009

Secretsundaze x Cobblestone Jazz Live!

James Priestley & Giles Smith's Secretsundaze & Friends pulled another astounding party last Saturday at the Scala. Cobblestone Jazz delivered an incredible live performance; a solid hour of steady beats with heavy improvisation, and a whole lot of new material and sounds. Mathew Johnson swept the dancefloor with some of the nicest layers of highs I've heard live in a while, and what a character Danuel Tate is on the keys! The trio were really rockin' the colour of tempo. They gathered a decent crowd, and I didn't see too many people wearing shades that night and that's a good sign. The lighting was done beautifully, and the venue was perfect for the occasion. Mountain People (Rozzo & Serafin) dropped a range of new releases to old tracks that kept you going on the dancefloor. That night has undoubtedly become one of the best nights I've had in London.

This party also hosted the UK Launch of, the first web network 100% live allowing us to listen to clubs and venues around the world in real time. You can stream or download the live performance by Cobblestone Jazz by clicking the link below!

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