Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Selective Pressure Opening Party @ Life Bar

The selective pressure organization is teaming up with Japan society of Goldsmiths to host a welcome back party on the first Saturday for the new academic year. We offer selected Japanese beverages, a variety of delicious Japanese food (great SUSHI!!), and great soul and house music.

Come along with your friends and enjoy the vibe!!

+ Djs
Our night will host a warm collection of soulful records, played by our inhouse Djs.
Just us (aka lookleft + bearight)
Kristoff Axelson

+ Drink offer of the night
Asahi Bottle - 2.80
Sake Mule - 5.00

+ Entry fee
£3.00 (free before 9pm)
£1.00 for member of Japan Society at Goldsmiths

You will have to sign up with us even if you did so last year.
Please renew your membership :) You can sign up at the door on the night!

Here's the link to our party!

Hope to see you all there!! x

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Secretsundaze x Cobblestone Jazz Live!

James Priestley & Giles Smith's Secretsundaze & Friends pulled another astounding party last Saturday at the Scala. Cobblestone Jazz delivered an incredible live performance; a solid hour of steady beats with heavy improvisation, and a whole lot of new material and sounds. Mathew Johnson swept the dancefloor with some of the nicest layers of highs I've heard live in a while, and what a character Danuel Tate is on the keys! The trio were really rockin' the colour of tempo. They gathered a decent crowd, and I didn't see too many people wearing shades that night and that's a good sign. The lighting was done beautifully, and the venue was perfect for the occasion. Mountain People (Rozzo & Serafin) dropped a range of new releases to old tracks that kept you going on the dancefloor. That night has undoubtedly become one of the best nights I've had in London.

This party also hosted the UK Launch of, the first web network 100% live allowing us to listen to clubs and venues around the world in real time. You can stream or download the live performance by Cobblestone Jazz by clicking the link below!

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Muon 003.

Here's a little mix bearight put together recently - It starts out quite chilled and climbs its way up to some deep grooves, swerves through a twist of funky melodies, and finally lands on one of our most favorite recent buys. I won't lay down the track listings, but I'll give props to some of the record labels I dug through to put this mix together. enjoy!

Cadenza / Resopal Schallware / The Mountain People / Mosaiko / Persona / Cecille Numbers / Freude Am Tanzen Recordings

To download the mix, click the link below

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Muon 002.

Friday 30th Jaunary - Launch Night !

At Life Bar, 2 - 4 Old-St
20:00 hr - 03:00 hr
FREE ENTRY all night.

lookleft + bearight
Kristoff Axelson


How to get there:

Nearest Tube Stations -
Old Street / Barbican

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Muon 001.

For us musically, 2008 was a year of many firsts. With our primary focus on tech-based dance music, we dug through stacks and stacks of virtual vinyl, with the goal of finding enough quality tunes to throw some good parties. Neither of us had thought that by the end of the year, we would have played at our favorite venues like The End, Cafe 1001, and Bar 54. Not to mention having our own monthly night at Life in Old street. We owe everything to the support of the oganisers, djs, vjs, and friends, who gave us the chance, and came along with us to have a good time at our gigs. 

We've narrowed down a few styles we're fond of, spanning from deep tech-house to abstract minimal, but generally keeping groovy tracks as a base, with banging basslines and beats that throw you off-guard. Though we've generally established a taste, we both still feel it's important to keep an open mind for new styles and scenes we still haven't landed on yet.

We hope to organise better parties, finding quality music, and to start diving deeper into the art of producution in 2009.

Muon blog will be one of our main sources of info listing our upcoming gig dates, mixes, and more. Check out for lookleft+bearight's upcoming shows and for Cotton VJ gigs.